At a time when we are using more electricity at home we begin to notice how much electricity actually costs! Adding solar to your home is a great cost saver and you will be reaping the rewards sooner than you think.

Solar can be added to your home, your commercial premises, schools, churches and many more places. Call us today to ask for a solar quote. 

New solar systems installed

We have just installed a new solar system on a home in Cumbalum, will you be next? 

Commercial solar

STE arranged the installation of a large solar system at the Byron Public School last year, this will have made a great impact on their daily running costs!


Are solar systems expensive?

Solar systems are less expensive that you think.  Get a quote for your property so that you can work out your budget.

What will my saving be?

Savings vary depending upon your size of system and the amount of sun on any given day.  A more accurate guide can be given to you by the installer once a system size has been agreed.

I am not sure if I can fit a solar system on my roof or whether is it positioned properly for the best sun exposure.

Solar panels are positioned facing north for the nest exposure but panels can be tilted to ensure the best exposure.  Have a chat with out team to discuss this.  A visit to your site can be carried out to ensure the best option is offered for you.